The ADA prohibits discrimination or discriminatory-harassment against a qualified individual with a disability. Examples of discrimination and discriminatory-harassment can include failure to provide a reasonable accommodation to a qualified individual with a disability as well as retaliation against a qualified individual with a disability for requesting or using a reasonable accommodation.

If an individual with a disability has questions or concerns about their experiences in the workplace, there are multiple resources available to address the situation:

Office for Institutional Equity (OIE) If an individual believes that they have been subjected to discrimination or discriminatory harassment by another University employee or entity, then they may contact OIE to discuss their concerns. OIE’s function is to determine whether University policies or procedures regarding discrimination or discriminatory harassment have been followed. If violations are found, OIE works to remedy the situation and relieve the complainant of the burden imposed on her or him by the inappropriate actions.

The OIE consultant remains impartial at all times when investigating a charge of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, or retaliation. The investigator is neither an advocate nor an adversary with respect to any of the parties or entities involved in a complaint. The investigator is responsible for gathering any evidence that will help the University meet its requirements for nondiscrimination, regardless of whose position that evidence supports.

Ann Arbor Campus

For a concern about a faculty or staff member of the Ann Arbor campus community, you may email the Ann Arbor OIE directly, call (734) 763-0235, or submit a complaint online.

Dearborn Campus

For a concern about a faculty or staff member of the Dearborn campus community, please contact the Dearborn Office for Institutional Equity. You can email Pamela Heatlie or call (313) 436-9194.

Flint Campus

For a concern about a faculty or staff member of the Dearborn campus community, please contact the Flint Office for Institutional Equity. You can email Kirstie Stroble, call (810) 237-6517, or email Flint’s Institutional Equity Specialist.

Grievance Processes

Faculty and staff have access to processes that are intended to address their grievances on matters associated with the employee’s employment relationship with the University or to enter into a dispute resolution process to facilitate resolving misunderstandings and maintain positive work relationships.

Depending on the employee’s status and department, the following resources should be consulted for additional information on each grievance process:

Mediation Services

Employees may wish to seek to resolve any workplace conflicts through Mediation Services rather than an investigation or grievance. Mediation is an informal but structured process where people work together with the help of a mediator to prevent or resolve a misunderstanding or conflict. Mediation is a voluntary process where a trained and neutral mediator helps the participants to hear and understand each other, identify the real underlying issues, and find ways to address those issues and craft a solution that meets everyone’s needs.

Confidential Resources

Faculty Ombuds

The Office of the Faculty Ombuds is a confidential, impartial, informal, and independent resource for information or conflict management that serves all faculty members of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus community. The Office assists those who seek guidance with the resolution of academic or administrative issues and disputes that are not being adequately addressed through other University processes.

Individual departments may also have specially-appointed Ombuds to serve the faculty of that specific department.

Office of Staff Ombuds

The University recently established the Office of Staff Ombuds. The Office provides neutral and confidential guidance and conflict management for eligible staff members at the Ann Arbor campus and in Michigan Medicine.

Report a Disability Concern

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